About us

Oxford Roller Derby was founded in 2010, and has been growing in size and experience ever since. With two teams, Oxford A and Oxford B, we're dedicated to continuous self-improvement, empowerment and teamwork.


Our goal is to play roller derby at the highest possible level. We are currently working towards becoming a WFTDA Apprentice League and are looking forward to the challenges to come.


We welcome all skaters for whom women’s flat track roller derby is the version and composition of roller derby with which they most closely identify. We welcome officials of all genders.


We are a not-for-profit organisation run entirely by our members. Our committee is responsible for all aspects of running the league - from coaching and welfare, to events management and merchandising.


Get involved

2022 Beginner’s Course

On this 12-week course, we’ll teach you skating skills, strategy and staying safe. As well as coaching the physical aspect of roller skating, we’ll also help you to solidify your knowledge of the sport before Read more…


Skaters join us one of two ways: 1 – Played roller derby before? We’re always open to transfers from other leagues. If you want more information about transferring to ORD, you can email us. 2 – Read more…


Referees are essential components of every game. It’s their job to award points scored, call penalties, monitor skater and spectator safety, and ensure that the game stays legal, fair and flowing. Refs do not participate in Read more…

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Home Venue

Blackbird Leys Leisure Centre, Pegasus Rd, Blackbird Leys, Oxford OX4 6JL

Training Times

Full League: Sundays 6pm - 9pm
A Team: Tuesdays 8pm - 10pm
B Team: Thursdays 8pm - 10pm

Team Calendar

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