We Are Oxford Roller Derby

Oxford Roller Derby was founded in 2010, and has been growing in size and experience ever since. With two teams, Oxford A and Oxford B, we’re dedicated to continuous self-improvement, empowerment and teamwork.

Oxford Roller Derby is a not-for-profit organisation run entirely by our members on a voluntary basis. Our committee and sub-committees are responsible for all aspects of running the league – from coaching and skaters’ welfare, to events management and merchandising. We are an inclusive team, and welcome all skaters for whom women’s flat track roller derby is the version and composition of roller derby with which they most closely identify. We welcome officials of all genders.

We are currently working towards becoming a WFTDA Apprentice League, and are looking forward to the challenges to come!

Want to join us? Find out more here.

How do I get involved?

Like every roller derby league, ours is made up of volunteers: Skaters, Referees, and Non-Skating Officials.

Skaters join us via our 12-week Beginners’ Course, which we run once a year, beginning in January. We welcome all ages 18+, people with some skate experience or none whatsoever, all fitness levels, and anyone who would choose to skate for a women’s team. Hire kit (skates and protective gear) is available for a fee for the duration of the course. All Beginners in our league work towards passing Minimum Skills, after which you are cleared to play. We also welcome Transfers from other leagues.

If you’d like to be placed on our Beginners’ mailing list to get up to date information about our next course, or if you are a skater planning to transfer to us, please contact us.

Referees are essential components of every bout. It’s their job to count points scored, call penalties, monitor skater and spectator safety, and ensure that the game stays legal and fair but still flows. Refs do not participate in contact (except unintentionally!), but need to complete their own skate skills and rules knowledge requirements. If you’re interested in becoming a Ref with ORD, please contact us.

Non-Skating Officials are just as vital. These roles involve starting and ending each Jam, tracking and timing skaters and their penalties, and keeping score – and a lot of watching roller derby! These are non-contact off-skates roles; they can be a brilliant introduction to the sport for skaters wanting to learn more, but many NSOs choose to specialise in these roles and have no interest in skating. We always need NSOs for scrims (practice games) and can offer shadowing for those who’d like to try it out; contact us to find out more.

Each of these roles in roller derby is valued highly, as the game cannot be played without all three working together. Being involved in any of these three areas will introduce you to an amazing new community of friends, across the UK and beyond.